• Death and Shame24:07
  • Salt and Light27:41
  • Kingdom Konstitution30:30
  • True Fasting13:57
  • Radiance26:04
  • Spent23:37
  • Epiphany: Round Two24:50
  • Epiphany26:09
  • Our Rescuer Rescued 24:57
  • Advent - Love16:37
  • Advent - Peace19:29
  • Advent - Hope 19:44
  • King Size 27:43
  • Idle20:17
  • Growing in Diversity27:04
  • Nourishing Wonder27:23
  • Inviting To Connection21:48
  • Serving Communally26:55
  • Sharing Story32:04
  • Eating With Intention (Part 1)21:22
  • Eating With Intention (Part 2)20:16
  • Listening with Openness24:20
  • Being Prayerful30:52
  • Pure25:33
  • Delight28:16
  • Listen24:59
  • Redemption Song24:01
  • Ecuador 2019 Part 1 (8-18-19)25:48
  • Ecuador 2019 Part 2 (8-18-19)23:10
  • We Are God's Choice30:18
  • Where is your Heart?24:28
  • Spectacle28:06
  • Hold It Together28:48
  • Endurance and Patience32:18
  • Circumcision & Other Issues19:44
  • Freedom in Christ21:53
  • Elixir: En Fuego (Part 1)29:29
  • Elixir: En Fuego (Part 2)13:42
  • Elixir: Sing and Pray21:16
  • Elixir: Open26:39
  • Confirmation Testimonies21:05
  • The Journey Has Just Begun23:39
  • Elixir: Caregiver21:42
  • Elixir: Life of Pablo29:49
  • The Hero's Journey: Elixir27:22
  • The Hero's Journey: Resurrection21:41
  • The Hero's Journey: The Road Back27:01
  • The Hero's Journey: Reward24:45
  • The Hero's Journey: Lost (Part 1)28:59
  • The Hero's Journey: Lost (Part 2)3:34
  • The Hero's Journey: Live & Let Die30:36
  • The Hero's Journey: Nevertheless, He Persisted27:44
  • The Hero's Journey: Dry Places (Part 1)25:22
  • The Hero's Journey: Dry Places (Part 2)9:42
  • Am I Dreaming?28:47
  • Frenemies27:47
  • Poor, Hungry and Crying20:31
  • Fish Stories 20:43
  • Connectional24:27
  • Body Language (Part 1)21:09
  • Body Language (Part 2)17:01
  • Intergenerational28:06
  • Vision to Action22:13
  • I've Seen The Light22:35
  • Presence23:34
  • What Love Looks Like22:51
  • Know Justice, Know Peace18:25
  • Hope: An Assault on the Status Quo17:53
  • The King: an Advent Primer22:50
  • The Reply (Hannah Part 2)20:21
  • The Ask (Hannah Part 1)18:17
  • The Other Side Of Blessing (Job Part 4)23:03
  • Brace Yourself (Job Part 3)24:36
  • It Is Not Well With My Soul (Job Part 2)23:32
  • The Land of Oz and the Land of Uz (Job Part 1)27:20

Pastor Cheryl Lynn Cain, Pastor of Multicultural Ministries

‚ÄčTo be a welcoming family that actively shares the good news of Jesus' love by bringing across generations, cultures and communities.

Our Mission

Pastoral Staff

Our Sermons

Support Staff

Marge Steffens, Office Secretary

Miki Kobayashi, Accompanist

Emily Smith, Youth Director

Pastor Richard Johnson, Pastor of Evangelism
Richard Johnson grew up on a farm in Boone County, Iowa. He left the farm in 1957 to attend North Park College  where he received his B.S. degree with a comprehensive science major in preparation for teaching.  He taught High School for thirteen years in Huntley, IL. and Ogden, IA.  During that time he received a M.S. degree in Science Education from the University of Wyoming.  He met Marlys Peterson while they were at North Park and they were married in 1961.  In 1976 they were commissioned by the Evangelical Covenant Church to be missionaries to Colombia, South America.  He received his Master of Divinity degree from North Park Theological Seminary in 1987 and was ordained that same year.  After serving abroad for twenty six years, they retired and returned to Illinois.  In 2006 Richard was called to be the Pastor of Evangelism at the Church of the Good Shepherd where he continues to serve.  He and Marlys have six children, eleven grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. 

Our History: 
For over 130 years our church has conducted a ministry in the Joliet area. The congregation was first organized on August 10, 1873 as the Swedish Mission Church. In 1881 a church building was erected on Clay Street and for many years served as the center of the ministry.

On December 10, 1939 the American Sunday School Union began a ministry among the children in the Richland area which eventually became known as the Six Corners Chapel. This ministry was turned over to the Evangelical Covenant Church in 1957 and became a ministry of outreach for the denomination and the church on Clay Street, now named First Covenant Church of Joliet. The new ministry in the Richland area took the name of Calvary Covenant Church and in 1962 erected the present church structure located at 2437 Plainfield Road, Joliet, Illinois.

On May 17, 1970 Calvary Covenant Church and First Covenant Church merged to become Church of the Good Shepherd Evangelical Covenant Church.

Pastor Jake Bradley, Lead Pastor
Pastor Jake grew up in the cornfields of Iowa. After graduation from high school he attended Iowa State University and received a degree in Zoology and Secondary Education in 1999. After serving as the youth Intern at Cornerstone Church of Ames, IA for three years, he took a position at Church of the Good Shepherd as their Youth Pastor and has been serving there since 2002. During that time he began classes at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL and graduated with a Masters of Divinity in 2012 and was ordained into the Evangelical Covenant Church in June 2013. On April 15, 2018 Pastor Jake was installed as the Lead Pastor. Pastor Jake is married to his wife Renae and they have three children.